Here’s the deal…

Quite a while ago my fiancee had purchased this book “1000 Movies you Should Watch Before You Die.”  We’ve each leafed through it numerous times and each of us is no where near having seen them all, so I figured I would rectify that, and then write out my thoughts on each movie in an individual post.  I will go into depth about what I liked, didn’t like, thought was done better elsewhere, and about which movies I felt were unduly left off of the list.

This is a two pronged assault…

Prong one, Laura and I take a walk through history by attempting to watch each and every movie listed in this book, no cheating, no half watched movies, and no “I think I saw that back in fourth grade.  No!  If each of us is unable  to  explain the major plot points, or within reason tell what happened and who was in it, it gets watched!!  No exceptions!

 Prong two, however, is a little more self serving (I hope).  Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve been free from the constant need to write.  Write thesis papers, write out my homework, write scripts, re-write scripts, and so on and so forth.  In the short term this has been nice.  I can spend that time doing whatever I please, from watching all the TV that I want, to staring at the wall and doing nothing.  In the long term however, I believe that my brain has suffered and slowed down.   My patience for writing has grown short (in-fact the Herculean feat of getting to this point in this, the initial post, is almost making me re-think this whole scheme.), so this blog about what I’ve seen and what I thought about it, is an attempt to counter-act this trend.

To re-cap, I am going to watch an ass-load of movies, in no particular order, and write about them, in that same type of order. 

Movie.  Write.  Repeat!

I encourage anyone to write and tell me how great I am…or failing that, how stupid I am.  Either way, feedback is welcome.



P.S.  The first review is forthcoming!  Get your brains ready!


3 thoughts on “Here’s the deal…

  1. I just stumbled across your blog, and I have to say, you have taken on an incredible task! But I’m definitely going to be checking back in for your thoughts on these movies. I’ve thought about purchasing this book before and now I may have to get it. You’ve convinced me.

    • The book is great to just pick up and open to a random spot. Each review is at the most a page long, and some of them are quite informative to boot. Thanks for the encouragement on the blog, also. It is a bit daunting, but I am having fun with it so far (that’s at about 31% of the way through watching and 10% of the way through reviewing). Take care!

  2. It’s such a small world. Like you, I decided that this is the only topic I felt was worthy of bringing a 40+ man into the world of blogging. Mine started in Yahoo 360. Now that it is defunct, I am transfering it to a twitter blog

    You accurately analyze exactly the same questions that I asked myself. Just how far can this go before I hear the word DIVORCE coming into conversations. Do the ones that I’ve already seen get credit? Have I really seen it or do I know enough about it, that I think I have?

    I invite you to check out my progress, which is so much about finding the movies so that they can be watched whenever I can get the time.

    Good luck on your endeavor and I will definitely hope to keep up with you in one way or another.

    Out of curiosity, is there anything that you have seen so far that leaves you asking youself “what were they thinking?”

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