This is the book from which I am taking the list of movies that “I must watch” (and review) before I die.

1000 Movies You Must See Before You Die!

Check it out.  It’s worth perusing at the very least, and at the very most it’s worth reading from cover to cover.

18 thoughts on “About

    • As a general rule, I find myself avoiding musicals, and experimental films. For some reason or another the author or authors of this book found it necessary to include a decent amount of short form experimental films which by and large are not currently available to rent or buy, so when it gets down to watching those entries I might find myself in a stalemate.

      There is the occasional film that just doesn’t look very interesting, for example the Burmese Harp always looked really boring to me, but I am trying to stay positive, and at the very least, forcing myself to go through with those movies first.

      By and large, I’ve been at worst pleasantly surprised by the movies that I’ve been wary of, and at best I’ve really really liked them a lot.

    • It’s a pretty awesome book, especially since you can just pick it up and open to wherever or read it from start to finish. I appreciate the support!

  1. I have this book! Don’t reckon I’ll ever make it through all of them though

    do you find if you have this book at the end of your bookshelp that pic of Jack Nicholson can be more than a little unnerving? 😛

    • The book is a pretty decent jumping off point, but it isn’t the end all be all. It’s missing some pretty key movies, and some of them that got included…not good enough to be on the list.

      I actually keep the cover off of it. I tell myself it’s so it doesn’t get ruined as I reference it, but really it’s because it is pretty unnerving having crazy Jack Nicholson staring and grinning at you.

  2. I just found your blog looking for artwork for my summer movie project. Your focus on the films is interesting and I will come back to look at your other postings. I’m reviewing films I saw in the Summers of the 70s. Not just from a critical perspective but recalling my own personal history with the movie. Thanks for doing your project I enjoy it, come on by and check out what I’m doing. Good Luck.

    • Thanks for checking it out! I tried clicking on your link, but it came up with an error. Hopefully this means your blog isn’t launched yet, and not that you’ve decided not to do it. Good luck, and I look forward to checking your blog out!

  3. Great site! I’m very glad you’ve organised your posts so well too! Makes it very easy to navigate the site 🙂 Out of interest, how do you get the DVDs? Is it a case of gold membership at Blockbuster or lots of friends with huge DVD collections?!

    • Thanks a lot for the positive feedback. I’ve really been lax lately on updating it, but I’ve got a few movies in the pipeline for review.

      I’ve been able to find most everything through Netflix so far but I know there are one or two movies on this list that aren’t available on DVD yet, so I’m not sure how I’m gonna work that.

      Thanks again!

    • I don’t mind at all. In fact I’d like to blogroll you as well. I’ve been moving slower than I’d have liked, but I’m looking forward to getting back into it. Good luck to you!

    • Thank you! Please do feel free to share your thoughts, and feel free to point out anything I may have missed. Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi

    Impressive site. It takes a lot of dedication to watch 1,001 films, never mind produce well-written reviews on them.

    I figure I will need to watch about 1,500 movies for my site to get caught up with all of the historical movies produced by Hollywood, so I can appreciate the challenge you have accepted.

    Please feel free to take a look at my site, and I would be happy to exchange links.

    Take care

    Andrew Allen
    History on Film

  5. Last post in April? Is everything OK? I know you don’t have 1001 movies posted yet so it can’t be that you are dead. Just missing a site I enjoy reading.

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